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21Techs is team of freelancer providing services tailored to each client needs and understands that each client is different and the service needs to be given accordingly. The goal of increasing business and growing your brand further is our resolve in starting this team. We understand the market trend and provide you services which will help your brand grow with the trend. 

Our team looks out for your organisation and keep it up to date and protected even in any market change. Our services are provided according to your need and as to how you would like it. Our website developers provide easy UI so anyone could navigate easily through your website. Our team provides easy explanation on how each service could help you increase your brand and guides you through the process. 



Our people truly care for you and your work.

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We take measures to ensure that your needs are understood and work flow makes sure that they are met properly. Our vision is to continuously evolve through the market to keep your business growing every day.

Designs 90%
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Content 75%
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If we had a ‘secret sauce’ it would be our awesome people.
We have only professional team!
Rakshit Rastogi

Rakshit Rastogi

Founder & Web Developer
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